The Rolling Stones

In Another Land(Chords)

The Rolling Stones

Key: C

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	        'In Another Land' 
Written by Bill Wyman for the Rolling Stones 
Chords by David Goodwin (ME!) 
Note: As the song repeats, I'm just giving the first verse/Chorus. Oh, 
and thanks to for the lyrics. 
Intro: C, Bb, Ab, G 
C, Bb, Ab, G 
C    C7     F 
In another land 
          Ab             Eb        Ab 
Where the breeze and the trees and flowers were blue 
C           C7        F 
I stood and held your hand 
        Ab         Eb           Ab 
And the grass grew high and the feathers floated by 
Ab         D         G 
I stood and held your hand 
    F             C 
And nobody else's hand will ever do 
F                C 
Nobody else will do 
Then I awoke 
Was this some kind of joke? 
Much to my surprise 
            F        G 
I opened my eyes 
Ad naseum. Enjoy! 
David Goodwin 
[email protected] 


Written by Bill Wyman

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