The Rolling Stones

Casino boogie(Chords)

The Rolling Stones

Key: A

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Intro: A D 
(A A4) 
No good, can't speak, wound up, no sleep. 
Sky diver insider her, skip rope, stunt flyer.  
D                               A 
Wounded lover, got no time on hand. 
One last cycle, thrill freak Uncle Sam.  
D                                      A 
Pause for bus'ness, hope you'll understand.  
D                                 A 
Judge and jury walk out hand in hand., 
Dietrich movies, close up boogies,  
Kissing cunt in Cannes.  
D                                A 
Grotesque music, million dollar sad. 
D                                G    A D A  
Got no tactics, got no time on hand. 
Left shoe shuffle, right shoe muffle,  
Sinking in the sand.  
Fade out freedom, steaming heat on,  
Watch that hat in black.  
  D                                A   D A D A 
Finger twitching, got no time on hand.

Written by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

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