The Pussycat Dolls


The Pussycat Dolls

Key: G
    G                              C 
The plan was to let me down gently, I know 
    G                             C 
The game was to call it temporary, oh 
Boy be carefull what you wish for 
'Cause you might get that and so much more 
C                                       D 
I won't shed a tear, if you don't want me, boy I'll give you 

 G                                            D 
Space, in the closet where my clothes should be 
In that empty bed without me 
Now I'm walking out the front door 
You got exactly what you asked for 
 G                                    D 
Space, in your phone where it said my name 
Where I took my picture out your frame 
And I will be around, when you figure out 
You got exactly what you asked for space 

    G                                     C 
Now wait, this ain't no way to be treated, hum 
   G                                      C 
Mistake, you can't have your cake and eat it, na na na 
'Cause any real man would have been 
But I guess that's more than you can be 
C                                     D 
Let me help you out, I'm leave right now, boy you got your space 


G                                  C 
Where my kiss should be, where you arms where they used to be holding me 
        G                                      C 
In your car, on the passenger side, there's an empty seat, where I used to ride 
Space in your mind when you think of me 
       Em                     C D 
'Cause I'm about to be a memory, now you've got your space 


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