The Nixons

The Fall(Chords)

The Nixons

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Key: A
tune down 1/2 step (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)- 

intro: (Asus4  E   D  Dsus2 D  Dsus2) x2

A                          E
Is this the way do you recall any of this
			        D  Dsus2	D  Dsus2
Do you know where we're going
A				           E
Can you see what's ahead, can you make out a path
			D  Dsus2	D  Dsus2
Can we keep our footing
(mute) F#5               F#5
If you keep me awake and you can show me the way
I might sometimes lead
F#							E
But for now for the fall will you promise that someone will catch me

A                 E		   D      Dsus2	D  Dsus2
Cause I'm falling in...into the real life
A       E		   D          Dsus2	D  Dsus2
Falling in...into the real life

Contribuição: michelle marques petrilli([email protected])
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