The New Pornographers

The Bleeding Heart Show(Chords)

The New Pornographers

Key: Dm

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Intro: (Dm  Bb) (2x)

 Dm                           Bb                  Dm
I leapt across three or four beds into your arms, where I had hidden myself,
Bb                      F
Somewhere in your charm. Our golden handshake has been smashed into this shape
Its taken magic to a primitive new place.
          Bb         Am                 Bb     Am
Watch him run, although it, the men are more heroic.

Dm                         Bb
We hunched together in one chair out on the deck.
In snow that frozen fell down
Bb                F
On the modern set. It looked as if I picked your name out of a hat.
Next thing you know you're asleep in someone's lap...
         Bb          Am                 Bb      Am
Watch him run, although it, The men are more heroic.

Am                               Dm                            Bb
We quit the room, quit so our thoughts can rest, rest them on nothing new
               C                                   Am
That's when we crowd the hall of whatever it is we fell into
            Dm                           Bb         C         F  Dm
Lousy with your good time, with what the majestic cannot find
       Bb          C         F Dm  Bb         C               Dm         F
In the business of your lives, the perception it is wrong, mile after mile
Bb                          C
The phantom turns, drinking wine from your heels...

F     Bb         F     Bb      F    Bb        F Bb C
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo   (2x)

Bb               F                 C
Hey la, hey la, hey la, hey laaaaa   (4x)

         Bb                  F                       C
We have arrived too late to play the bleeding heart show  (Cantado junto com a parte 'Hey la, hey la' x5)
        Bb    F C      Bb              Dm
We have arrived... (3x)  Hey la, hey la, hey la.

Written by A.C. Newman

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