The Mountain Goats

You Me And A High Balcony(Chords)

The Mountain Goats

Key: B

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B            D#m 
Clean slate, warm weather 

            E              B    F# 
They should tie our ankles both together 

B                D#m 
Seagulls calling to one another 

     E                               B                 F# 
If a stranger should ask you you can tell him I'm your brother 

E                       B 
Lean into me press real hard 

      E                    B                  F# 
I got no good reasons left not to let down my guard 

C#m         B 
I love your kiss 

         C#m           E       F# 
But it's going to come down to this 

B       E       B          E 
You and me on a high balcony 

B                F#        E          F# 
And professional wrestling on pay-per-view 

B           E             B                 E 
Windows and light and the radio blaring all night 

        B            F#         E      F#      B 
And the truth slowly dawning on me and then on you 

B             D#m 
Let's pretend we're all alone 

E                B   F# 
Let's unplug the telephone 

B         D#m 
Our scale doesn't slide 

E                      B    F# 
Here comes tonight hey open wide 

E           B 
Don't blink don't try too hard not to 

E                 B                  F# 
Just rehearse the alibis your father taught you 

C#m                                    B 
See the plastic coating on the windows blister 

C#m              B                   F# 
Anybody asks you tell them you're my sister yeah 

B       E        B             E 
You and me and a table set for three 

B                 F#      E                   F# 
Just in case our assassin should finally come through 

B            E 
And ???  and matches 

B                             E 
Why don't we cook up two more batches? 

         B           F#    E      F#      B 
With the ??? closing in on me and then on you 

Outro: B E B E B E F#  

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