The Monkees

The Monkees Theme Song(Chords)

The Monkees

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Key: C
         Am                       F 
Here we come, walking down the street, 
                      D                       G7 
We get the funniest looks from ...everyone we meet! 
C C7 Hey, Hey, we're the Monkees, F G C C7 And people say we monkey a - round, F G C C7 F G A But we're too busy singing ...to put any - body down!
Verse A7 D We're just trying to be friendly, G A D Come and watch us sing and play, G A D We're the young gene - ration, G A B And we got something to say!
B7 E Hey, Hey, we're the Monkees, A B E You never know where we'll be found, A B E A B E E So, you better get ready, we may be coming to your town!
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