The Mills Brothers

Til Then(Chords)

The Mills Brothers

Key: Em
Em7 A7        A7/5+     Dm7           Cdim 
My love will leave you never, 
   Em7          A7  A7/5+  D 
So kiss me good-bye and smile; 
D7    Bm7    C#7            F#m 
'Til then' can't mean 'forever,' 
        A         E7             Em7       A7 
But it certainly could mean 'a while.' 
A7/5+ D   Bm7              Em7            A7 
Til then,    my darling, please wait for me; 
A7/5+ D   Bm7            Em7         A7 
Til then,    no matter when it will be. 
Edim  G6      Fdim   D6     B7              Em  Gm   A9 
One  day we'll be together again ? please wait til then 
Edim  D     Bm7                   Em7     A7 
Our  dreams      will live though we are apart; 
A7/5+  D   Bm7               Em7         F#7 
Our love       I know will keep in our hearts. 
Edim G6   Gm          Fdim    D6       B7      Em7  A9  D    C#7 
Til then,     please think of me lovingly, and wait for me. 
(C#7) F#m            C#7 
Al- though there are oceans we must cross  
     F#m                    G#m7    C#7 
And mountains that we must climb, 
   F#m        C#7 
I know every gain must have a loss,  
    F#m7          B7      Em7        A7 
So pray that our loss is nothing but time. 
Edim D    Bm7                Em7            A7 
Til then,    we'll dream of what there will be; 
A7/5+  D   Bm7               Em6       F#7 
Til then,     we'll call on each memory. 
Edim G6  Fdim              Dm7        B7 
Til then,     when I will hold you again,  
Cdim   Em7  A9   D     Bm7    Fdim    A7 
Please wait til then. 
Cdim    Em7 G/B A7 A7/5+  D    Bm7    G     Gm     D 
Please wait ?  til ?  then. 

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