The Milk Carton Kids

As It Must Be(Chords)

The Milk Carton Kids

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Key: Am
Capo on 4th fret
This is my first tab, so bear with me, but this is more for singing along with the  
song, I'm not able to do all the picking but I worked out some basic chords that  
make the song easy to play :) If you know the song you'll be able to easily tell  
where the chords change. Hope this is useful, do give me suggestions if I can improve it.  

Its basically  
Am G Am G D  
Am C G D 

(I like to play it with a  
Capo on 4 but it depends what suits your voice.) 

Maybe we'll come out of this  
Maybe we'll come out of this unscathed  
Just like the story said  
Ever after we shall be okay  

I know that you don't know where we go when we go  
I know that it's hard so we can't go alone  

Let it run right over you  
Let it run like water to the sea  
Nothing lasts forever darling  
Everything is as it must be  

I know that you'd never let me go on my own  
I know that I'll never make it alone  

Look at your reflection  
Casting your own image in the stream  
Though it moves right through you  
Something of you soul remains within 
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