The Marcels


The Marcels

Key: G
Heartaches:The Marcels. 
#7 in 1961. 

G           F#7 
Heartaches, heartaches, 
G                        F7     E7 
my loving you meant only heart..aches. 
Am            D7            G        Em 
Your kiss was such a sacred thing to me, 
A7                           Cm      D7 
I can't believe it's just a, burning memory. 

G           F#7 
Heartaches, heartaches, 
G                   G7  F#7  F7    E7 
What does it matter how my   heart breaks? 
Am          Cm         G     F#  A7 
I should be happy with some..one new.. 
    Am7  D7    Am7   D7  G  D  
but my   heart aches for you. 



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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