The Magnetic Fields

In My Secret Place(Chords)

The Magnetic Fields

Key: E

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Intro: E 

     Bm     C 
Time swings 
       G   D         A    E 
Like a wrecking ball into things 
      Bm     C 
Youth fades 
   G  D       A     E 
As quickly as a hit parade 
           Bm         E 
But as the days go by 
            Bm           C 
In the gray world outside 
Days grow on colorful trees 

E B D A In my secret place E B D A In my secret place
Verse E Bm C They'll sell G D A E You tickets for their carousel Bm C Don't pay G D A E They'll get your money either way Bm E You can go up and go down Bm C You can go round and round B But there's a better fairground
E B D A In my secret place E B D A E In my secret place
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