The Magnetic Fields

Dont Look Away(Chords)

The Magnetic Fields

Key: Am

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Capo on 1st fret

Am Em F G 

verse 1 
Am         Em 
Don't look away 
F                     G 
I don't think I could stand it 
   Am         Em 
So don't look away 
F                        E 
'Cause my heart couldn't handle it 
          F            E             F           E         Am 
There's a fire in your eyes and it's melting the ice in my heart 

verse 2 
Am             Em 
Don't blink an eye 
F                    G 
They're so beautiful open 
Am            Em 
Just let them cry 
F                    E 
Or the spell will be broken 
      F             E              F          E          Am 
And moments in your gaze have been turning to days in my heart 

F           G 
We've never met 
    Em           Am 
And yet we're in love 
F        G 
Never forget 
    Em       G 
One look is enough just as long as you 

verse 3 
Am          Em 
Don't look away 
F               G 
We can never be lovers 
        Am            Em 
There's one chance to take 
F                  E 
There won't be any others 
        F           E              F           E           Am 
I'll be spending my life with your eyes like a knife in my heart
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