The Magnetic Fields

80 London By Jetpack(Chords)

The Magnetic Fields

Key: F

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verse 1 
London by Jetpack 
     C        G7 
It can be done 
What we spend on fuel 
          C       G7 
We'll make on film 
From the ICA 
             C          G7 
To Abbey Road in seconds 
On high rooftops 
           C         G7 
We'll dance the Twist 

F C F G I spent August in London when F C G The New Romantics reigned F C F G And though I was oblivious then F C G My love has never waned F C F G My roots are New Romantic as F C G Some critics have complained
verse 2 F London by Jetpack C G7 My verse novel F When teenagers fly C G7 They change the sky F C It's not the going up G7 It's not the coming down F It's the zooming 'round C G7 The speed, the sex
F C F G When I am monarch of the world F C G Weighed down by matters weighty F C F I'll live in London once more G F C G And decree it's 1980 F C F G That all may dress as Pierrots F C G And pirates, like their king F C F And all will have jetpacks G F C G From club to club we'll go zooming
Outro F At the club with no name C G7 We'll dance again F Vivienne Westwood C G7 Will be my queen F There will be no army C G7 Only the Blitz F C It's not the going up G7 It's not the coming down F London by Jetpack C N.C. I'll write you yet
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