The Lemon Twigs

How Lucky Am I(Chords)

The Lemon Twigs

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Key: E
Intro: E  C#m  F#m  B  X2 


 E                     C#m 
Well I know I might be wrong 

F#m     B               G9 
And the vows I haven't made may be wasted 

F#m        B           E     C         F#m   B 
Copy and pasted from false memories 

E        C#m          F#m     B   
And I very well could be expecting 

Too much from a lover 

      F#m      B         E          C 
I needlessly suffer for soft yesterdays 

F#m          B           E           C#m 
And lovely laying on a porch in the rain 

F#m               B              E              C    G 
When faced with adverse circumstances it's the same 

G Am E Still you love me, you say so F#m B G9 Am E Enough to recognize that you're lucky, you think so F#m B E C#m F#m B But how lucky am I?
Verse E C#m If I turn it on it's head F#m B G9 will the blood rush to it and make me dizzy F#m B E C F#m B Or will it give me the truth that I crave? E C#m F#m B When I post my 95 it comes out of me G9 F#m B Like rags on a scholar, a dog on a collar E C For I make no sense F#m B E C#m Afraid that hurtful words could fill my last breath F#m B E C G A million memories could not sew my chest G Am E Still I hurt you, you say so F#m B Enough to make you cry
G Am Still you don't know E F#m B E I don't show the reason for my lies
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