The Kooks

Time Above The Earth(Chords)

The Kooks

Key: E

         E              A 
I've spent so much time above the earth,  
                E                    A 
Thinking about life and each man's worth,  
              F#              E 
How can one person be worth more than,  
            F#                     A 
A thousand people knocking on his door,  
           E               A  
Still the motion of your hair,  
                 E             A 
Well that could take me anywhere,  
                F#          E 
Because you're happier than I,  
Please don't say goodbye...  

  E            A 
Then I get off the plane,  
      E                         A 
A thousand thoughts flashing through my brain,  
 F#                      A 
Like am I really here at all,  
E                     A 
And will I see her again,  
 E                       A 
If I do will it be the same,  
F#             A          E 
and am I really here at all? 

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