The Kooks


The Kooks

Key: F#m

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F#m              A 
See the same old cloud again, 

Bm             B  
Wash my hands, shake my feet 

F#m       A 
And yes I missed you oh, 

E                                           D 
Since I last saw you I fell down the rabbit hole 

(It's the same in the second and third verses) 

D C G D E Rosie, well I feel your love, I don't want you to leave D C G D E D You see, you can take your time, roll your stone to me, Rosie
Bridge 1: B E Be careful with me, see I'll make you see, B E B E You ain't gotta pay for no little Rosie Bridge 2: C Em D G I wanted you so easily, C Em D G Illusions passed and now I see C Em D G D Image is so different to reality, Rosie, oh Ro-Rosie

Written by Luke Pritchard; Hugh Harris; Paul Garred; Pete Denton

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