The Flatliners

Count Your Bruises(Chords)

The Flatliners

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Key: D
Intro: Db5  B5  E  Asus2 

From the echoed streets of the mission 
Where the night can save your life 
To the rows of narrow corridors 
Where the world looks nothing like 
E                                    Asus2 
Anything your eyes have ever seen in your entire life 
San Francisco can be short and louder than the world at night 
        Asus2   E 
And the world exhales 


And none of us can even stand still 
Asus2                      E 
Let it rain all day on our asshole parade 

Cause we're smiling still 

Db5 B5 E Asus2 Count your bruises one by one and laugh it off Db5 B5 E And stick around down here with us Asus2 There's unity in detachment E We're not on trial Asus2 So let the time you spent on the back bench E Make the life you've lived worthwhile Asus2 In a city blanketed with revolution E You can't live in denial
(Bridge) (Chorus) E Asus2 Don't go living life inside those quotations E Asus2 Look to your friends for your inspiration E Asus2 Chicago rooftops will take me away from the ugly city E By the 405 where every palm tree dies and the world is burning alive (Bridge) (Chorus) Finish on: E
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