The Felice Brothers

Lincoln Continental(Chords)

The Felice Brothers

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Key: F
Capo on 5th fret

Intro: Fmaj7  Cmaj7 

F             C               F          C 
When I was a child, my mother said to me 
F                                          C           F               G          C 
You canít spend all your days alone In the shade of a cherry tree 
F                              C                              F            C            C7 
My brother cut the roof off a Lincoln, cause his doctor said lose some weight 
F        C 
And the tape of Buck Owens, my hair was blowing, 
C           F         G          C         F     C   C7 
 as they drove from the garden state to the lights of the golden gate 

F             C                                    G 
Iíve been missing you, so listen, id like to ask you could you drive to town? 
F             C                                    G 
And Iíve been thinking about your Lincoln continental with the sunroof down 

F                                          C                     F                   C 
When the kid came down from Lennox, yeah, yawning was the talk of the town 
F                                       C                     F      G             C 
A real high roller, a self-promoter, said the band was the best around 
F                                   C                    F                                
  C                C7 
He said I got a little money from the performing; I bought a new suit and hat 
F                                        C                                        F G     
I said, 'Performing what?,' you said, 'Classic stuff Ricky Hayes and Virginia scat.' 
F                     C              C7 
I said, 'Who the hell is that?' 

F                                               C                                         
But I can play a little old time fiddle; we can start a little country band. 
F                                               C                                         
And I was thinking in your Lincoln we can bum around the promise land 

Am          C            Am               G 
And the world will open up for us 
Am          C            Am               G 
at least I brought our broken cup(?) 

F                             C              F                             C 
Probation officer john Collins was a paranoid psychopath 
F                                    C                     F                G             
                   C             C7 
He had to paint the fence by the roller rink for the committee of industrial trash 
F                                                      C 
You canít find the business end of a rifle 
F                                          C 
Youíre the devil from an Irish saint 
F                          C                                           F          G       
I said I got no cares in those affairs what I was, what I am, or ain't 
  F                        C      C7 
I got a lot of fence to paint 

F                                          C                                       G 
I've got no loving all because I got in from crossing lines 
F                                          C                                       G 
You got me thinking, even Lincoln, must have felt a little lost sometime 

Am          C             Am              G 
And the world will open up for us 
Am          C             Am              G 
at least I brought our broken cup

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