The Doubleclicks

Thank God Its Over(Chords)

The Doubleclicks

Key: Bb
            Bb              Eb 
Today's the day, today I've won  
With a diploma or a paycheck  
     Eb        Bb 
I'm officially done  

         Bb                      Eb 
I have accomplished, I have done great  
It's time for pride and satisfaction  
         Eb        Bb 
Time for me to celebrate  

Bb Eb Thank God it's over; I turned it in F Eb Bb And now I never ever have to look at that stuff again Bb Eb I did my best, I should be proud F Eb Bb But I just want to run away; oops, did I say that out loud?
Verse Eb Feels like I lost part of my soul in there Bb It was a pool of stress, fear, and despair D Eb But I survived; yes, I survived Eb There were mistakes and there was doubt Bb Thought I would die before I got out D G But I got out alive
Bb Eb Thank God it's over; everything's fine F Eb Bb I forgot how nice the world was on the other side of deadline Bb Eb I turned it in, and now it's gone F Eb Bb And I have got no regrets, 'cause I can finally move on
Verse Eb I can't believe I made it here Bb Did the best work of my career D Eb But please don't look for me, I will be nappin' Eb I thought that my first reaction Bb Would be creative satisfaction D G But I just want to forget this ever happened
Bb Eb Thank God it's over; thank God it's through F I'm proud and tired and angry and stressed and worn out and I've put strain on all my relationships and I don't know what the future holds and it's possible I've lost all direction Eb F Bb But at least I have got no more work to do

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