The Doubleclicks

Clever Girl(Chords)

The Doubleclicks

Key: C
You're not the right shape and you're not the right size 
          G                              C 
You don't get along with others, but you need to realize 

That the actors in the movies are not what you're supposed to be 
        G                                    C 
You are good the way you are, 'cause you are you, that's best you see 

      F                                    C 
We've all been looking for role models and turned our eyes to Hollywood 
    F                                          C 
But that's not where to find them, look to yourself, yes that is good 

      G          C 
It's okay, Velociraptor 
         G          C 
Don't be sad, Velociraptor 

                  F                       C 
'Cause you're the size of a turkey, not a lion 
             F                                C 
Can't turn a knob and don't have friends to rely on 
    G                         C 
The movies have created an unattainable expectation 
    G                             C 
The raptors in those films were a fictional creation 

      F                              C 
Don't judge yourself too hard, Velociraptor  
        F                           C 
You are good the way you are, Velociraptor  

G               C 
RAAAAAAWR Velociraptor  
G                          C 

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