The Distillers

Gypsy Rose Lee(Chords)

The Distillers

Key: D

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D              G               
when i see you lay down 
      Em             A 
under the pink laquered skies 
   D              G 
baby ill give you something  
thatll shut your eyes 
to this mess 
D               G 
when i love you baby 
                    Em       A              
i mean it more than just the whole world 
    D                           G 
and when i take a picture thats instant 
               Em       A 
it gets lost tonight it gets burned 
      D               G             Em 
i said  i remember it so i saw your eyes 
go through the tunnel and  
i remember 
           G                     Em 
australian sun i was eight years old 
you were marilyn monroe .. oh gotta 
D                       G         
take it oh yeah take it on playing backyard 
Em                 A        
blues, stuck up in their jaw 
      D                  G 
i can nail ill nail this on 
         Em      G       
ohaw she ate the whole world  
break it down! 
D - G - Em - A 
(continua nessa sequencia de acordes até o final da música) 
oh ive tasted i tasted too too many nights 
lost in space i remember kneeling down 
my knees caught in the ground 
when i love you baby 
gypsy rose.. she rose to me 
i remember a rolling stone 
rolling on down through the bones 
oh ya gotta save you gotta save your soul well 
she hates the whole world 
when i love you baby 
i mean it more than just the whole world 
and when i saw gypsy rose gypsy rose she rose to me 
i know your sin i know sin sin sin youve got wings 
Contribuição: Tank Grrrl*([email protected]) 


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