The Digital Age

We Shout Your Name(Chords)

The Digital Age

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Key: E
Intro: E 

verse 1: 

        E        A       E 
All the old will be made new 
            C#m          A        E 
And all the lost will be found in You 
     B            A 
Hope arise. Hope arise. 

verse 2: 

All that's dead will come to life 
and all the dark will be turned to light 
hope arise 

E We shout! We shout! Your name across the universe C#m Aloud The sound of Heaven will be heard B All that is within us shouts A All that is within us shouts E Your name
verse 3: All the wounded will hurt no more And all creation knocks at Your door Hope arise. Hope arise. Chorus: Bridge: B C#m A E We cannot contain, not contain Your glory B C#m A Heaven open wide, open wide B C#m We are reaching out A E We have found Your freedom B C#m A B Heaven is alive, is alive, is alive Chorus (x2)
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