The Currys


The Currys

Key: A

Intro: A D A D 

        A                               C#m 
You've been all kinds of places, you've felt all kinds of joy,  
     Bm                     D 
You smiled in San Diego, I missed you in Detroit, 
     A                                  C#m 
And all your plans to run away, to some far exotic land,  
     Bm                                     D 
They always seemed to make more sense, the harder you clutched my hands,  
        A                            D    A/C#  Bm 
And I'm sure in Puerto Rico we'd find things to do,  
            D              E                   A 
but it's Virginia where I fell in love with you,  

I wish I'd been to Boise,  
on some old forgotten quest,  
my life would be romantic,  
in the wild untamed west,  
I'd sing about El Paso,  
lose my mind in Santa Cruz,  
would've spent some time in prison,  
sleeping off the booze,  
but with all these lies, know one thing is true,  
it's Virginia where I fell in love with you,  

Bridge: F#m A F#m A F#m A F#m A 
(you can walk between these with a G# passing note in the bass) 

And you know I'd follow you anywhere,  
it don't matter where you roam,  
if you end up in Kentucky,  
then Kentucky is my home,  
I might just be nostalgic,  
have trouble letting go,  
but everywhere there's rivers,  
and those rivers always flow,  
and I'll remember in all these places, as we pass through  
it's Virginia where I fell in love with you. 

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