The Currys

Hollow Bones(Chords)

The Currys

Key: Am
Intro: Am F C G 

verse 1: 
Am                                   F 
Take a little time just to make your face 
        C                 G 
It's a big day, and this house has changed 
Am                                  F 
Can't take no more, time to cut and run 
      C                      G 
This all began when you were both so young 
Em                                      F 
You're feeling kinda lost with no one to blame 
        C                    G 
Except a lonely heart and the mess it made 
Em                                        F 
There used to be a tone in the words she'd say 
       C                  G     E 
It was beautiful but it's gone away 

F                                      C 
Leave a little love so I can take with me 
Part of you that can help me be 
More than these hollow bones 

verse 2: 
Realize now what a sad mistake 
So easily done, so easily faked 
Is there another man, she slaps your face 
You know thoughts like these rarely carry grace 
You just want to know how you fell so far 
When life with her never was that hard 

Chorus x2 

Instrumental break: Dm  Em  Dm  Em  F  E  Am 

verse 3: 
You see her now and you're filled with pain 
You love the girl, but you cant make her stay 
Feeling kinda lost and she has your name 
She'll keep the word but it's not the same 

Chorus x4 

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