The Calling

Dreaming in Red(Chords)

The Calling

Key: Ab

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	        (Ab Fm C# Eb ) 
Once upon a time 
Somewhere far away from here 
I was drowning in a deep sleep 
Got no ground beneath my feet 
And there?s so many faces 
I?m New York and I?m Japan 
There?s so many things that I want to know 
But I?ll never understand? 
Now I?m dreaming in red Just drifting away I?m dreaming in red Come and take me away
I just got to get it right Before I make it wrong Cause I?m breaking out and rising up While the world is falling down? Chorus Ab Fm C# Eb I see the sun behind the night, sky Ab Fm C# Eb One last moment before I say goodbye? (Ab Fm C# Eb) Once upon a time Somewhere far away from here?. Chorus

Written by Alex Band/Aaron Kamin

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