The Allman Brothers Band

Wasted Words(Chords)

The Allman Brothers Band

Key: A
Intro: A 

verse 1 
Can you tell me, tell me, friend, just exactly where I've been 
Is that so much to ask, I'll pay you back no matter what the task 
D                                           A 
You seem really sure 'bout something I don't know 
D                                              A 
Take that load off, looks like chest's about to go 
E                                    D              B    E      A 
Your wasted words already been heard, are you really God, yes or no 

verse 2 
Well, all day and half the night you're walkin' round lookin' such a fright 
Good is it me or is it you, I'd make a wager and I'd hope you lose 
D                                       A 
Time's gone, looks like Rome is 'bout to fall 
D                                        A 
Next time take the elevator, please don't crawl 
E                           D                  B  E      A 
Your wasted words so absurd, are you really Satan, yes or no 

A  A  A  A 
D  A  D  A 
E  E  D  B  E  A 

verse 3 
Well, I ain't no saint and you sure as hell ain't no savior 
Every other Christmas I would practice good behavior 
That was then, this is now, don't ask me to be mister clean 
Baby, I don't know how 
D                                          A 
Ring my phone 'bout ten more times, we will see 
D                                   A 
Find that broke down line and let it be 
E                                     D                   B       E   A 
Your wasted words will never be heard, go on home baby and watch it on TV 
D      B        E     A 
Weekday soap-box specialty, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout now 
D                            B  E         A      D  B  E  A 
By the way, this song's for you, sincerely, me 


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