The All American Rejects

Heartbeat Slowing Down(Chords)

The All American Rejects

Key: Gm

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INTRO: Cm Ab Eb Eb (2x) 

Gm                          Ab                      Eb 
I still remember that empty look left on your face 
Gm                    Ab               Eb 
It took the pictures, but you left the frames 
Gm                  Ab              Eb     Bb 
All we had written, well, it's been erased 
                 Fm            Gm                  Bb 
Something that I had to do, I cut you deep, you're bleeding through 
                  Fm                     Gm                Bb 
Your every single shade of blue when I'm standing right in front of you 

Cm Ab Eb I can hear your heartbeat slowing down Cm Ab Eb I can hear your heartbeat turn me around Cm Bb You can take my life, all you need Ab Ab Cm Ab Eb Make me right, I can't sleep with your heartbeat slowing down
VERSE: Repeat verse 1. CHORUS: Repeat chorus 1. SOLO: Cm Ab Eb Cm Bb Eb Fm BRIDGE: Eb I fucking hate this town D/Eb I wanna burn it down C Bb Ab I never felt so cold Eb And when I burn this town D/Eb I hope I burn it down C Bb Ab And leave me on my own REPEAT Eb CHORUS: Repeat previous chorus.

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