Taylor Swift

Now That We Don't Talk(Chords)

Taylor Swift

Key: C

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	        Intro: C  F 

Verse 1:

C You went to a party I heard from everybody F You part the crowd like the Red Sea Don't even get me started Am Did you get anxious though On the way home? F I guess I'll never, ever know C G Now that we don't talk

Verse 2:

C You grew your hair long You got new icons F And from the outside It looks like you're tryin' lives on C I miss the old ways You didn't have to change F But I guess I don't have a say Now that we don't talk
Am I call my mom, she said that it was For the best F Remind myself, thе more I gave You'd want me lеss C I cannot be your friend G So I pay the price of what I lost C And what it cost, now that we don't talk

Verse 3:

C What do you tell your friends we F Shared dinners, long weekends with? C Truth is, I can't pretend it's F Platonic, it's just ended, so
Am F I call my mom, she said to get it off my Chest (Off my chest) C Remind myself the way you faded 'til I left (Until I left) G I cannot be your friend, so I pay the Price of what I lost (Of what I lost) C And what it cost, now that we don't talk C I don't have to pretend I like acid rock F Or that I'd like to be on a mega yacht C With important men who think Important thoughts F Guess maybe I am better off now that Am We don't talk And the only way back to my dignity F Was to turn into a shrouded mystery C Just like I had been when you were Chasing me G Guess this is how it was to be now That we don't talk

Written by Jack Antonoff / Taylor Swift

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