Taylor Swift

How Did It End?(Chords)

Taylor Swift

Key: A

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	        Intro D  Bm  A/C#  A 

D    Bm     A/C#  A 
(Uh-oh, uh-oh-oh-oh) 

Verse 1:

D Bm We hereby conduct A/C# This post-mortem A He was a hot house flower to my outdoorsmen D Bm Our maladies were such A/C# We could not cure them A And so a touch that was my birth right became foreign
D A Come one come all E It's happ'nin' again D A E The empathetic hunger descends D A We'll tell no-one E 'Cept all of our friends D A We must know E D How did it end? Bm A/C# A (Uh-oh, uh-oh-oh-oh)

Verse 2:

D Bm A/C# We were blind to unforeseen circumstances A D We learn the right steps to diffеrent dances (Oh, oh-oh) Bm A/C# And fell victim to intеrlopers glances A D Lost the game of chance, what are the chances? Bm Soon they'll go home to their husbands A/C# Smug 'cause they know they can trust him A Then feverishly calling their cousins (Oh, oh)
D A E D Guess who we ran into at the shops? A E D Walking in circles like she was lost A Didn't you hear? E D They called it all off A One gasp and then E How did it end?
Instrumental Bm E F#m D Bm E F#m D


Bm E Say it once again with feeling F#m How the death rattle breathing D Silenced as the soul was leaving Bm The deflation of our dreaming E Leaving me bereft and reeling F#m My beloved ghost and me D Sitting in a tree D A D-y-i-n-g


E D A It's happening again E D A How did it end? E D A I can't pretend like I understand E How did it end?
D A Come one come all E It's happening again D A E D The empathetic hunger descends A We'll tell no-one E D Except all of our friends A But I still don't know E D How did it end?

Written by Aaron Dessner / Taylor Swift

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