Indigo Night(Chords)


Key: Ebm
Capo on 6th fret

Verse 1:

Am G Imagine, the girls around town assemble Em The traveler's son they come askin' Dm Where he came from Am 'Cause they've watched him G Washing his face near the pond Em A curious boy and they wonder Dm Where he came from

Verse 2:

Am G G7 He says: (I, I have seen the world's E7 Most beautiful places Dm Am Still I feel, as If I'm a walking machine G Watching it all through a screen E Dm There is nothing in between to me Am This might as well not be real) Am (Dm) G Oh oh oh oh oh no hm hm hm E Dm Oh oh oh oh hm hm hm hm

Verse 3:

Am G Imagine, the girls take him up on a hill Em It's an Indigo night, there's a chill Dm Am The boy is confused but he's still G As they gather around him E So many of them, they all sing Dm About the pleasures of life

Verse 4:

Am G And he cries: 'Why can't I sing along E Dm With some feeling, or some meaning? Am It feels like I've always been blind G I don't know why you girls are so kind E For there are so many in line Dm Am Whose lives aren't as lost as mine)
Am Dm G Oh oh oh oh oh no hm hm hm E Dm Oh oh oh oh hm hm hm hm Final Am G Now something happened there E The smell of the grass, or maybe the air Dm There was no more despair Am G Just something about that night E Maybe the girls, they lit some light Dm And made everything right F 'Cause he's never been E Am More alive

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