Sun Kil Moon

Like The River(Chords)

Sun Kil Moon

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Key: C
C                        F            C 
They're floating downstream like swans in the sun 
G             F           C 
Surrounded by friends and lovers 
   C                      F          C 
We watched on with smiles beaming so bright 
F          G              F         C 
The river behind them, the fading daylight 
 G                   F            C 
I knew her back from when she was young 
C                     F           G 
Those days poured out faster than rounds from a gun 
G                         F           C 
Scattered like shells and lost to the sea 
C                   F         G 
Like the river, the days move rapidly 

  C                          F               C 
I have all these memories, I don't know what for 
  G             F       C 
I have them and I can't help it 
C                 F              C 
Some overflow and spill out like waves 
F           G           F         C 
Some I will harbour for all of my days 
  G                      F           C 
I burned liked wood, you grew like a flower 
C                  F         G 
Rising toward your magical hour 
G                   F            C 
I was not yours and you were not mine 
C             F        G 
Our true love finds us when it is time 

  C                     F          C 
We drove back downtown, wasted and spent 
     G        F       C 
Down highways that I remember 
C                 F         C 
Happy for her and happy for me 
    F         G       F        C 
The old times and the new to uncover 
  G                     F             C 
I laid down my head, in love with the night 
C                               F       G 
With my new love beside me, her radiant light 
  G           F             C 
I faded away, along with my thoughts 
C                  F         G 
Like a dream and I trail off mystically 
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