Sun Kil Moon

Among The Leaves(Chords)

Sun Kil Moon

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Key: D
 Afinação - DADGAD  

   A             Em             D            A 
A pillow lays on cold cement, a blanket by a broken vent 
      Em                 D          A 
She?s there a while, and then she?s gone 
    Em              D         A 
I?m away for weeks, arrive at night 
    Em                    D                  A 
She hears my steps, turns off the light and runs 

No mind at all, more space than I need 
    D        A                Em                D          A 
It?s just me among the weeds, among the ghosts, among the leaves 
We?ve never met but she?s a girl 
 D       A 
Romance paper books 
              Em        D           A 
The floor is covered in long blonde curls 

G               F# 
On afternoons I walk the graves 
    D                A 
The rusted cars, the mine shaft caves 
      Em           D                 A 
See a girl sadly unkempt, a child of neglect 
G             F# 
Under moons I pass the tombs 
D                   A 
Cross the highways, smell the fumes 
      Em                 D                      A 
See a girl frighteningly gaunt, somebody didn?t want 
         Em       D       A        Em  D           A      
How do I tell her I don?t care, if she sleeps downstairs? 

   A            Em 
I see her on my errand runs 
        D        A     Em    D   A 
Looking nervous like a young Mia Farrow 
Walking ?long the gas stops 
 D               A          Em    D        A 
Window browsing pawn shops, guns, bows and arrows 

Up on past the Halfway house 
 D             A             Em        D    A 
Past the signs Eighty South, Buttercup and Carrows 
Drinking Wild Irish Rose 
       D         A              Em           D        A 
At the dead end down the road, sleeping with the sparrows 

     G               F# 
When evening comes I play guitar 
D               A 
For the planets and the stars 
            Em                    D            A                                
I leave the porch light on like I do when I?m gone 
 G               F# 
Winter, spring, summer, fall 
D                  A 
Basement?s yours, have a ball 
               Em    D      A       Em         D       A      
There?s always room for you thereâ... really baby I don?t care 
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