Sun City Girls

Cooking With Satan(Chords)

Sun City Girls

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Key: Am
Intro: Am 

Am            E 
Buy low, sell high 
F        G               Am 
A centipede between the eyes 
F        G             C     Am 
Looking hungry at the flock 
F          G                 Am 
Spill the blood, improve the stock 


C                          Am 
White trash riverboat Tom Sawyer 
He tried to sue my voodoo lawyer 
I held him up bringin' home his bacon 
and I cooked it lean in the kitchen with Satan 

C Am And him and me with our brackish frowns F Dressin' down, sleaze broker town G We moved 'em out, we took 'em down C Am We're dressin' down with a cell phone F Answerin' calls, this cookin' pays G C Gimme a call, 1-800-FUCKIN-A C Am I'll put you in a cardboard box F Slip you out into the rocks G Sit back and watch your momma pray C 'Cause fuckiin' maggot you're in the way
Ending Am F G Buy low, sell high.....
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