Street Bulldogs

We Build Our Own Way(Chords)

Street Bulldogs

Key: G

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Intro:(E - D - B - D - G) 
G C  
We're not waiting for a way 
D E 
to take us to another place 
G C 
the confusion is growing 
D E 
and I don't know who is who 
(E - D - B - D - Em) 
{riff} junto com o refrão 
C G 
We have a future 
B Em C 
that I'm still looking for 
D G 
and you can find if you want 
G F# Em C 
Try to live your life without illusions 
G G F# Em C 
try to find your personality 
D G 
that is going down 
(E - D - B - D - G) 
G C 
They want to turn off our lights 
D E 
they also want to steal our lives 
G C D E 
so we need to build together our own way 
Iso ae valeu 
Contribuição: Danilo Batista([email protected]) 


Written by Leonardo Kobbaz

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