Stonewall Jackson

A Wound Time Cant Erase(Chords)

Stonewall Jackson

Key: B

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	        Have you B found, since you F#  turned me down 
The one that you were searching B for 
Are you glad that you F# made me sad 
For you know I vowed to love you ever B more 

What did F# you have in mind when you broke this heart of mine Are you E laughing in my B face Darling F# what can I do, when you say we are through You left a E wo-o-ou-{F#} nd time can't e-{B} rase
Instrumental Tell me dear, are you F# satisfied To be foot-loose and fancy B free Is it power you want for the F# things that you have done What you gained I guess I'll never B see Repeat Chorus (NOTE: If you're just starting guitar chords, you could capo the 4th fret and play a key of 'G' position)

Written by Bill Johnson

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