Stonewall Jackson

A Little Guy Called Joe(Chords)

Stonewall Jackson

Key: D

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	        A Little Guy Called Joe 
by: Stonewall Jackson 
D In a war torn land of poverty, some G where across the D sea 
There's a little guy who s waiting who looks a lot like A me 
His D hair is like a raven or the G wings of a D crow 
I don't know what they named him ,but I'm A sure they call him D Joe 
Just a G little guy called Joe like so D many more I know 
Left all alone somewhere across the A sea 
I want D him to have my name, little G Joe is mine to D claim 
This little guy called A Joe belongs to D me 
D His mother died to give him life, the G night my orders D came 
I wanted to be with him but war's an evil A thing 
Now D he won't recognize me, but I've G got to let him D know 
That he means much more to someone, than just a A little called D Joe 

Written by Wayne Walker/Marijohn Wilkin

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