I am Here(Chords)


Key: F

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	        VERSE 1: 
F      Dm 
Shed a tear now, 
Gm                               C 
shed a tear for all the years of love, 
F        Dm 
lay your fear down, 
Gm                                     C 
lay the fears you're holding near your heart. 
    Dm  C/E  F         G7 
Cos I     am here now, 
Gm              C              F 
silently you'll know it's me each day, 
    Dm  C/E  F         G7 
cos I     am near now, 
    Gm           C               F  
so know that the near isn't far away. 
F        Dm 
Play the music, 
  Gm                            C 
a melody when days are long and grey, 
F          Dm 
raise your head now, 
Gm                                       C 
raise your head and embrace the brighter day. 
| Dm C/E | F G7 | Gm C | x3 
| F      | F    | 
FINAL Chorus: 
    Dm  C/E  F    G 
Cos I     am here now, 
Gm              C               F 
wear a smile along the miles we race, 
    Dm  C/E  F    G 
cos I     am near now, 
     Gm                 Csus4   C 
here comes a time where we'll 
meet face to face. 


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