Stephen Fretwell

Funny Hat(Chords)

Stephen Fretwell

Key: C

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C	        Em7		Am 
That creepy guy gave me your hat 
Dm	  C			G 
Right before you arrived in my room 
C				Em7		      Am 
You Know You shouldn?t ever look at anyone like that 
Dm			      C				G 
You know you?re not that great when you drink in the afternoon 

Now I wouldn?t want to chance anything 

It?s far too early in the morning 

I should probably eat and you should probably sleep 

I think that banging on the wall is a warning 

G			F		G 
I heard your brand new song on the radio 
			C  Em7		       Am 
And it made me remember why I love you so 
Am			F				Dm 
And the bit about the summer well I know what you mean 

It?s funny because I saw your sister on TV 
She?s nearly as famous as you now I see 
Singing at that all inclusive in Spain 
Washing her long hair in the warm rain 

And all the nun?s are out parading the square 
The bells are ringing, there?s a crack in the grain of the chair 
And the mess on the floor reminds me of last night 

I told the doorman you were my wife 
As he picked me up and he threw me outside 
Well that Kafkan guy had it coming from the start 
It?s all coming back so heavy every part 
G    		       F 
Does this make any sense? 
Are you getting the gist? 
G			Am		G		F 
There?s no other way to reach since being apart you insist 
F					G		C 
I?m sure you wont hear mine the way that I heard yours
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