Statler Brothers

Bed Of Roses(Chords)

Statler Brothers

Key: A

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	        Transcribed: J. Jezard 
Subject: Bed of Roses 
You'll have to figure out how it starts. I still can't figure it out. 
A                                           D                      A 
she was called the scarlet woman by the people 
who would go to Church, but left me in the street 
              A                           D 
with no kinfolk of my own,  I never had a home 
           B7                                                   E 
and a eighteen year old boy has got to eat 
A                       D                                A 
She found me outside one Sunday morning 
Begging money from someone I didn't know 
A                           D                      A 
She took me in a wipe away my childhood 
                            E                           A 
A woman of the streets, that lady rose 
A                    D                  A 
This bed of rose's that I lay on, where I was taught to be a man 
A                  D                 A 
E     A 
This bed of rose's that I live in, is the only kind of life I understand 
A                                   D                 A 
she was a handsome woman just fourty-five, who was spoken to in town by very 
A                          D                   A               B7 
She managed a late evening business, like most of the town wish they could 
A                                 D                   A 
Well I learned all the things, that a man should know 
from a woman not approved of I suppose 
       A                            D                A 
E                         A 
but she died knowing that I really loved her, from life bramble bush I 
picked a rose

Written by Harold Reid/Harold Wilson Reid

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