Stanley Brothers

Rank Strangers(Chords)

Stanley Brothers

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Key: D
I wandered a-gain -  
      A7          D 
To my home in the mountains 
Where in youths' early dawn -  
      E          A7 
I was happy and free  
I looked for my friends -  
    A7            D 
But I never could find them 
I found they were all -  
      A7           D 
Rank strangers to me.  
Ever'body I met (ECHO: ever'body I met) 
          G          D 
Seemed to be a rank stranger (seemed to be a rank stranger) 
No mother or dad (no mother or dad) ... 
      E               A7          E             A7 
Not a friend could I  see (not a friend could I see) 
They knew not my  name (they knew not my name) 
      A7             D 
And I knew not their faces (and I knew not their faces) 
I found they were all (I found they were all) 
     A7           D         G           D 
Rank strangers to me (rank strangers to me). 
'They've all moved away' - said the voice of a stranger 
'To a beautiful home - by the bright crystal sea' 
Some beautiful day - I'll meet 'em in heaven 
Where no one will be - a stranger to me. 
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