Stanley Brothers

Hills Of Roan Country(Chords)

Stanley Brothers

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Key: D
Recorded by The Stanley Brothers 
Words and music by Carter Stanley & Ralph Stanley 
In the D beautiful hills, - way G back in Roan D County 
There's where I roamed - for E many long A7 years 
There's where my D heart's - been G tending most D ever 
There's where the first step of mis-{A7} fortune I D made. 
I was thirty years old - when I courted and married 
When Armanda Gilbreath - was then called my wife 
Her brother stabbed me - for some unknown reason 
Just three months later I'd taken Tom's life. 
For twenty five years - this whole world I rambled 
I went to old England, - to France and to Spain 
Then I thought of my home - way back in Roan Country 
I boarded a steamer and I come back again. 
I was captured and tried - in the village of Kingston 
Not man in this county - would speak one kind word 
When the jury came in - with a verdict next morning 
A lifetime in prison was the words that I heard. 
When the train pulled out - poor mother stood weepin' 
And sister she sat, - alone with a sigh 
And the last words I heard - was, 'Willie God bless you.' 
Was, 'Willie, God Bless you, God bless you, goodbye.' 
No matter what happens - to me in Roan Country 
No matter how long - my sentence may be 
I love my old home - way back in Roan Country 
It's a way back down in old East Tennessee. 
*In the scorching hot sand - by the foundry I'm working 
Toilin' and workin' - my poor life away 
They'll measure my grave - on the banks of old Cumberland 
Just as soon as I finish the rest of my days. 
Sweet Martha was buried, - but Corey was better 
There's better and worse - although you can see 
Boys when you write home - from the prison in Nashville 
Place one of my songs in your letter for me. 
*Additional verse. 
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