Stanley Brothers

Fields Have Turned Brown(Chords)

Stanley Brothers

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Key: D
Transcribed by Brad Kale ([email protected]) 
The Fields Have Turned Brown 
I left my old home, to ramble this country 
               G                       D 
My mother and dad, said son don't go wrong. 
               G                      D 
Remember that God, will always watch over you. 
                 A                       D 
And we will be waiting, for you here at home. 
G D Son don't go astray, was what they both told me. A D Remember that love, for God can be found. G D But now they're both gone, this letter just told me. A D For years they've been dead, the fields have turned brown.
For many long years, I've travelled in sorrow. No thought of the day, when I would return. Now as I come home, and find no one waiting, the price I have paid, to live and to learn. (Chorus)
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