Soul Motion

In My Dreams(Chords)

Soul Motion

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Key: F
Intro: (F  Bb  C  F)(2x) 

F             Bb         C 
I can live without air 
But not without you 
F             Bb                    C 
I can live without day, without night 
But not  without you 

I can live without the ocean 
But not without your Brown hair 
I see your face in the sky 
In my dreams 

F Bb  C  F 


A                 Bb 
I feel your heart in my chest 
Gm                      A 
I feel your breath in my neck 
A                Bb 
I kiss your red lips 
                  Gm   C 
I touch your soft skin 

   F        Bb     C    F 
In my dreams 

Sometimes your lying in my bed 
Sometimes you kiss my neck 
Sometimes you say in my ear 
(i love you so much) 

we live together 
got married in your land 
take our kids to school 
and live as happy as the moon 

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