Something Corporate

Walking By(Chords)

Something Corporate

Key: Ab
     Ab             Cm           Fm             Ab              Cm 
Your grand dad left home for the circus. He was young just like me, 
     Fm      Db          Ab           Cm       Fm     Db         
with hope to explore. He married a girl in Virginia. 
          Ab            Cm   Fm         Db           Ab (etc) 
She could swing the trapeze; they could sleep on the floor.  
Ab                               Eb    
          when she stared at the world.  
   Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db           Bbm 
So why do  you leave these stories unfinished, 
   Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db           Bbm 
my Cheshire cat doorstop with tears in her eyes? 
Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db           Bbm 
Why do you look when you've already found it? 
Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db           Bbm                Ab  Bbm  Cm   Db        Bbm (etc) 
What did you find that could leave you walking by? 

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