Something Corporate


Something Corporate

Key: B

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	        Okay, I haven't found a version online that I really liked (or that sounded 
complete played only on an acoustic guitar), so I decided to throw this together. 
Please note that I'm not aiming for a 100% correct, complete tab, just something 
that I can play on my acoustic that conveys the song well enough to enjoy. After 
all, it is a piano based song, so it would be hard to play it exactly the same. 
Chords (probably not the correct names, just stabs in the dark): 
For verse... 
Bb    - x133xxx     ----> x132xx 
F/D   - x532xxx     ----> x533xx 
Bb/G  - 3x33xx      ----> 3x32xx 
Eb/Bb - 668xxx      ----> 667xxx 
What the arrows above mean: on the D and G strings, the fingers pretty much stay 
around the 3 frets, but it sounds good to throw in the arrow-listed chords while 
playing the main chord. Listen to the song to hear what I mean... the piano 
alternates between the notes.  
For Chorus... 
Bb/D  - 5587xx    
Eb    - x688xx  
F/C   - x81010xx  (just a 'power chord' F at the 8th fret on the A string) 
Bb    - 688xxx 
Bb/A  - 588xxx 
Gm    - 3553xx 
Note: all chords are palm muted, except for during the Chorus, or whenever else 
you feel motivated to change... if you want to try to pick out the pattern, go 
for it. In general, throw some other notes in there as well if you want... 
whatever makes YOU happy. 
Here's the gist of it: 
Bb                      F/D 
I can't imagine all the people that you know 
and the places that you go 
when the lights are turned down low 
Bb/D Eb F Bb Bb/A (x2) and then you bring me home afraid to find out that you're alone, no
Bb Bb/A Gm and I'm sleeping in your living room Eb F we don't have much room... to live/love And that just about wraps it up. Throw some bongos in there, and you've got yourself a campfire waiting to happen. Any questions, comments, email me at [email protected]. Enjoy!

Written by Andrew McMahon

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