Something Corporate

I Want To Save You(Chords)

Something Corporate

Key: Eb

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	        Eb              Ab       
Standing on the edge of morning 
C                Ab 
Scent of sex and New Found Glory  
C                Ab              C    Ab 
Playing as she's pulling back her hair 
Eb                    Ab 
She drives away she's feeling worthless  
C              Ab 
Used again but nothings different  
C                        Ab                C    Ab     
She'd stay the night but knows he doesn't care 
Eb               Ab 
Home by three to deafening quiet 
C                          Ab 
The porch lights off guess they forgot it 
C                    Ab                 C    Ab 
She'd cry herself to sleep but she don't dare 
C (let ring)           C  Ab Bb 
And she wants to be a model  
C                       Ab 
She wants to hear she's beautiful 
She's beautiful 
Eb Ab     C       Ab Bb 
I want to save you 
Eb Ab     C       Ab 
I want to save you 
Eb Ab      C        Ab 
I need you, to save me too 
Eb Ab     C      Ab 
I want to save you 


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