Something Corporate


Something Corporate

Key: F

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	        F               C                   G 
Shake down you make me break, for goodness sake 
    Am       G      F        C                 G 
I think I'm on the edge of something new with you 
F                 C                    G  
Shout out don't drown the sound, I'll drown you out 
         Am       G       F         C                 G 
You'll never scream so loud, as I want to scream with you 
F F F F F , C C C C C , G G G G G , Am Am , G G, F F F F F , C C C C C , G (Hit em hard for effect) 
(Same as verse 1) 
Standing there with your smile blinding 
Your eyes from seeing 
My face as I'm dying 
To figure out a girl 
But she drifts so far away 
I'm on her coast 
So maybe I should stay 
And map around your world 
    F      C            G                Am      G 
So don't say, 'These currents are still killing me' 
         F       C 
And you can't explain 
         G                       Am      G 
But the wind went and pulled me into your hurricane 
F F F F F , C C C C C , G G G G G , Am Am , G G  , F F F F F , C C C C C , G 
Into your hurricane 
F F F F F , C C C C C , G G G G G , Am Am , G G  , F F F F F , C C C C C , G 
(same as verses 1 and 2) 
Stand up don't make a sound 
Your ears might bleed 
There are sweet flourescent enemies 
That live inside of me 
The world moves faster than I knew 
Not fast enough to not creep up on you 
And the space we put between (hold the G) 
    F                    C 
So pull me under your weather patterns  
        G             Am      G 
Your cold fronts and the rain don't matter 
F                C             G            
Because the sun burns what I needed 
(same chords as verses, you can pick it, play it softer, or acappella) 
You don't do it on purpose but you make me shake 
Now I count the hours 'til you wake 
With your babies breath breathe symphonies 
Come on sweet catastrophe 
Well, maybe this time I can follow through  
I can feel complete, stop paying dues 
Stop the rain from falling, keep my ocean calm 
This time I know nothing's wrong 


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