Solomon Burke

Tonight's The Night(Chords)

Solomon Burke

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Key: Ab
Intro: Ab Db Ab Db Ab Db Ebm 

Ab                  Fm   Db            Ab 
Tonight's the night that you belong to me. 
  Bb          Eb 
Tonight's the night, there'll be no company. 
      Db       Eb                   Ab 
Oh, tonight, tonight's the night, tonight's  
           Db        Ab          Abm7 
the night, yes, sir, oh, yes, it is, now,  
listen to me, honey. 

Ab                        Db         Ab   Gb 
Someone should call don't answer the phone. 
Ab                     Db    Eb 
Somebody knocks on the door, tell 'em we're  

not home. 
Db                             Ab         Abm7 
I just want it to be, darling, nobody but me  
    Eb   Ab 
and you, honey, tonight. 
I don't want no friends around. 

Ab        Eb                             Db 
There's a whole lot of sweet talk, girl, I'm  
         Gm7     Db 
gonna be putting down. 
Ab                  Eb 
Cut off the stereo, forget about the late, late  
              Db                  Ab 
show, cause tonight, honey, oh, tonight. 

Ab                                      Fm 
Listen to me..(tonight's the night) and when the  
lights are low..(that you belong to me) 
               Db      Fm 
I'm gonna lock all the doors..(tonight's the night) 
and throw away the key, baby..(you're mine exclusively.) 
    Eb                                    Db 
And then I wanna talk to you some more, because  

tonight, I got something I want to say to you, 
Ab       Abm7   Db 
honey, tonight, oooo-ooo-ooo. 

Db                     Ab                      Eb 
I wanna hear you say I do, and that ain't all, sugar. 
And when I get through, I want you to hold me,  
Ab      Db Eb               Bb 
squeeze me with all of your might. 
  Eb      Abm7      Db                             Ab 
Because tonight..(tonight, tonight) tonight is the night. 
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