Hit The Ground Running(Chords)


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Key: A
A                       D 
     I had to leave the country 
A                                D 
Though there was some nice folk there 
A                              D 
And now I don't know where I'm going 
A                                 D 
All I know is I'll hit the ground running 

A   D   A   D 

A                               D 
Bony cowboys and southern gentlemen 
A                           D 
Betting women that'll never bend 
A                             D 
They ride the roads 'til they bend 
A                        D 
'Til they bend, to their dead ends 

A                 D 
I was raised in a pit of snakes 
A                      D 
Blink your eyes, I was raised on cake 
A                         D 
I couldn't memorize a century of slang 
A                      D 
Or tell the same story again and again and again 

A                    D 
Bitterness ---- is a low of sin 
A                    D 
Bitter man rots from within 
A                    D 
I've seen his smile, yellow and brown 
A                   D 
Bitterness ---- has brought him down 

D                A 
Hit the ground running 
Hit the ground running 
Hit the ground running 

A  D  A  D 
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