Forty-eight Portraits(Chords)


Key: C

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Intro C Cm

Verse 1:

C Cm C Cm You say you're going with me, I say we're going together C Cm C Cm You're giving lessons to me, I'm quoting you to the letter
G You revolutionary G7 It's such a load to carry

Verse 2:

C Cm C Cm You're overplaying to calm me, the playing field's on the level C Cm C Cm And anyone can agree it's not a vote for the devil
G G7 It doesn't make any sense to reassemble your fence C Cm C Cm Our revolution is now, the place we're going is better
Break C Cm You say you're going with me C Cm You say you're going with me C Cm You say you're going with me

Verse 3:

Fm Bb Gm Don't ask for a second chance Fm Bb Gm It's too late for that Fm Bb We can make a small amendment to your sensitive side but Ab G You'll have to price for that Fm Bb Gm Decide whose side you're playing upon Fm Bb Gm While you're defusing the bomb Fm Bb Gm I didn't know how you could do it with the grease in your palms Ab G We'll call it tit for tat

Verse 4:

Fm Bb Gm Do the things I do and you can read between the lines Fm Bb Gm And don't be too surprised when no one's listening Fm Bb Gm Limping from the field, you never laud your valentines Ab G And who's to blame for that?

Verse 5:

C How does it feel C When you're motionless and can't perform? C What does it mean C When the world you've left can't be reformed? F 'Cause like it or not F You're gonna find a tight spot at least a couple of times a day C Then you reveal C All the tools you so relied upon

Verse 6:

C D# Bb Well, there's something happening and it don't seem right C D# Bb Too many people acting way too uptight C D# Bb This isn't a race, man, there won't be any winners C D# Bb Every time you wake up, you're just another fucking beginner C D# Bb So there's something happening that just don't seem right C Grow a spine instead of living absent in plain sight
Break F G There's many methods to that Bb C Like take your hands from your pockets when you go down to the back

Verse 7:

C D# Bb There's something happening here for sure, I'll bite C D# Bb The big stars in your eyes won't deliver any light Bridge 1 (Theme 4) G Dbdim Do you think she loves you? C G Do you show that you care? C D7 Can you rise up above her? C G Cm Do you feel heavy?

Verse 8:

C D# Bb What I thought after what I said (what you said) C D# Bb Would never mean a thing to anyone (ah) C D# Bb And then what you wrote and then what I read (what you read) C 'Cause you won't tag along with me

Verse 9:

G C I can't believe you never told me the truth Bb G That all the reasons for you cutting me loose G C If I've a legion to bear, you could wear it Bb G And all the hope that springs
D C G C Bm A G What it does is unexplainable D C G D C Bm G What it is is unsustainable

Verse 10:

G C I couldn't tell that you were always so lonesome Bb G You never typed it on your cellular phone G C An application for that's in the backup Bb G And all the luck it brings
D C G C Bm A G What it is unsustainable D C G D C Bm G What it does unexplainable

Verse 11:

C F Bb You said you were going with me C F Bb It's evolutionary C F Bb You said that you would come with me C F Bb Now I only pour when it's free F Bb Gm So what will it be?

Verse 12:

Fm Bb Gm I asked for a proper glass Fm Bb Gm Half full is fine Fm Bb Gm But if you really need it perfect, have it carved in some stone Ab G We're running out of time

Verse 13:

C Bb G Bb C And how did it feel? C Bb G Bb C How did it feel? C Bb G Bb C How did it feel when outside forces pushed toward home? C Bb G Bb C Can you conceal? C Bb G Bb C Can you conceal your status symbols all on loan? C Bb G Bb C Let's make a deal C Bb G Bb C F Bb Bbm F Let's make a deal, we're leaving well enough alone

Verse 14:

Bb Bbm F Sometimes I feel like I'm slipping away (Da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da-da) Bb Bbm F Sometimes it feels like I'm so awake (Da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da-da) F Ab Bb

Verse 15:

F They don't expect you, just give it away Ab Bb F I can't express this any other way F So don't pretend you got something to say Ab Bb F Cast out your net and wait for another day F They don't expect you to slip 'em away Ab Bb F If you motion me this way, I'll go thataway
The Lesson (Theme 8)

Verse 16:

G G C Inside a cloud, a light less glowing G I get the sense G C That you've preyed on personal mind blowings G Here in the present tense C So how much love is left to give? Cm G Ten thousand tons or more would be my guess, oh
Bb And we're saying a prayer for you C G If we can understand it, why can't you?

Verse 17:

G C You know I hear in terms of colours G Always sliding on scales and bumping into one another C So if happiness lies deep within us Cm G How come most deny it for themselves, oh?
Bb And we're saying a prayer for you C G If we can understand it, why can't you?
Bb And we're saying a prayer for you C G If we can understand it, why can't you?

Verse 18:

G C If there's a tunnel that I can't see through G WWLRD?

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